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from The book of Meow


Aglow: This photo represents Aglow. The neon light signs in the back are blured out using a low DOF. The lights glow is shown as a reflection in the street.

Whenever I see this Golden light ,even in transportation in a very exhausting day which is filled with the whole dejection of the World , I feel that, I'm being swept away by a Very Strange Collection of Positive Feelings that honestly can not be described even or be Realized , It Just a Marvelous Sensation that fills me with a Pure relieving inner Peace forcing me to Smile deeply as if there is no pain in my life . This Golden Light gives me the Hope that Life worth Living . Bishoy Elkess…

can we stop using words like 'pale', 'grunge', 'tumblr', 'classy', 'indie', or 'hipster' to describe our styles and others? Ok

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Why New York City Drives New Yorkers Crazy

5.1. Город в котором я живу, город моей мечты большой. Просто огромный город... И я люблю его, люблю за свободу, за те возможности, которые я получаю в нем, за шум и вечерние огни... Наши сердца бьются в одном ритме))