The busy streets and the quiet alleys. Those falling in love under streetlights and those sitting lonely and hurting on the corner. All the chaos that is life, lit up in the darkness, while a hopeful girl sits quietly at the window and imagines that, maybe if only for a single moment, humanity can, even with all its brokenness, be something beautiful.

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city of Stockholm by night--seeing city lights from a plane has always been one of my favorite parts of travel

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5.1. Город в котором я живу, город моей мечты большой. Просто огромный город... И я люблю его, люблю за свободу, за те возможности, которые я получаю в нем, за шум и вечерние огни... Наши сердца бьются в одном ритме))

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Cobalt clouds suspended in the dusky twilight sky over the twinkling lights of the city

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