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General cross-country route of the Lincoln Highway, from New York to San Francisco, as illustrated on the cover of the 2011 book The Lincoln...


What is at Bedford Street & Grove Street?

The corner of Bedford Street and Grove Street in New York City’s West Village is the site of the fictional home of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. show characters.


Bedford Boys Ranch (park and rec center). This website includes information about summer camps, facility rentals, concerts, and hosts one of the regional 4th of July celebrations and Blues Festivals.


Schiffswrack der "City of Bedford" - nur noch Überreste sind zu erkennen. Die "City of Bedford" war 1825 (andere Quellen sprechen von 1837) hier gekentert. Keines der 6 Besatzungsmitglieder überlebte

60 Rare and Unusual Vintage Signs

Sunbeam Bread Door Push Plate produced in 1953, but never used, which makes it a rare item for the serious collector.


eat drink eat / new york. (sfgirlbybay)

5.12.15 // 7:47 // it's Tuesday but I feel like it should already be Thursday. I'm excited for Thursday too because my best friend turns 16 and my other friend and I get to spend the weekend with her a good 4 hours away from home. Well get to walk around downtown at night an go into little places like that in the picture. We'll get to dress up, dress down, dress in swim suits and have so much fun. My trio is in much need of a weekend getaway... It's been too long.


It is not known if my 10th Great Grandfather, John Russell(1585-1676), sailed to the United States prior to his son William Russell or at the same time. He is listed as a Freeman of Massachusetts Bay in 1636. It is said that New Bedford, Massachusetts is named after his family in England, the Dukes of Bedford. He and his family are the first of my ancestors to arrive in the United States.