Bay City Rollers (one killed someone, another hit an run and another is a paedophile) but I know all the words

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"Bay City Roller are the best" ...erm no actually I used to think Gary Glitter was the best but I won't be admitting to that in public......doh!

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Rushed home from school to watch them on TV.... and I had the half mast trousers!

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Bay City Rollers pop , boy band fans, Newcastle UK 1970s HOMER SYKES KEYWORD " bay city rollers " I really loved the Bay City Rollers. Please check out my website Thanks

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bay city rollers poster | Poster Bay City Rollers, Affiches de Bay City Rollers (posters ...

I only wanna be with you-Bay City Rollers.I loved Woody & Eric.Please check out my website thanks.

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