NOW IN PAPERBACK - Law and Economics for Civil Law Systems - by Ejan Mackaay - August 2014 (Awarded the 2013 Vogel book prize)

Another Law drawn outline I made - -this time about whether you can get a 'Due Process' claim through the courts -- like if you weren't given full access to the justice system. From Civil Procedure class.

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Involves crimes against persons. A person can sue another person, a business, or the government. Civil disputes often arise over issues of contract violation, slander, libel, trespassing, product liability, or automobile accidents. Family matters such as divorce, child support and child custody. Usually requires the payment of money to the injured party.

Least Corrupt #8 Norway uses a civil law system and features a free market activity. The country is one of the least corrupt countries in the world and a notable participant in international development. Score: 85

This book takes us far beyond the usual focus of comparative law with analysis of a broad range of jurisdictions, including mixtures of common and civil law, and also those mixing Islamic and/or traditional legal systems with those derived from common and/or civil law traditions. The discussion is situated within the broader context of the continuing tides of globalization, the emergence of Islamic governments in some parts of the Middle East, the calls for a legal status for Islamic law…

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