father and son bonding  Scenes like this makes me love clannad so much xD
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Clannad. This series made me cry harder & more often than anything else I've ever watched. I was kind of embarrassed to find out later that it's based on a video game.

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The story of a girl who wonders the world beyond our sights.., but seemingly hoping the best for everyone!!

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Clannad! <3. So I just finished both parts of Clannad. . . Let's just say I'm crying so much I am not physically nor mentally able to cry anymore later life because I'm crying out a lifetime of tears!

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It's all so perfect... just like my life (and the world for that matter) would be if there were no goodbyes!

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Fu-chan was one of my favorite characters.. she never ceased to crack me up with her starfish :)

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