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Huayang "Glass Fiber" Bb Clarinet Boehm-system 17 keys 6 rings Glass fiber body with gold-plated/ silver-plated key (possibly acrylic?)

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Clarinet Top 10 Light T-Shirt

Clarinet Top 10 ~~ so true I play the clarinet and those are reason why i chose it and because it was cool looking

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That is so freaking cool!!! i know this is on a clarinet, but i could do it temporarily on my flute. maybe. probably not, but it's still cool.

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23 Struggles All Clarinet Players Know Too Well

When you realize you’ve developed the ability to assess vast differences between seemingly identical three-inch slivers of wood. | 23 Struggles All Clarinet Players Know Too Well

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Clarinet Ring

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Boomwhacker Lightsaber Duel - Star Wars Fun for the Musically Inclined

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