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Market Day Economics Project

Social studies projects make learning so much more fun! This economics lesson is great for Third Graders to show off their business skills! Check out these great business ideas that these kiddos came up with!


This picture shows the social classes/structure of Mesopotamia, with Slaves at the bottom, farmers, scribes, and traders in the middle, and the Pharoah at the top.

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An Old Fashioned Education- FREE Resources and Curriculum

A directory of free homeschool curricula, literature and text books organized for the use of homeschooling families (personally- will use grade science booklets from Answers in Genesis...) still digging...(maybe some of the math curriculum)


Thomas Sowell On Classical Economics


Chanakya, (370BC) India - Was a Hindu scholar who lived 1809 years before Machiavelli. He managed the first Mauryan emperor - Chandragupta's rise to power. He played an important role in the Mauryan Empire, which was the first empire in history to rule India, including southern Iran and Afghanistan. Chanakya, known as the Father of Classical Economics and Political Science. He wrote the Arthashastra- It discusses monetary and fiscal policies, international relations, and war strategies.


Free printables for aiding with the memorization of the Preamble to the US Constitution. Includes a folder game, an interactive sheet with flaps, picture cards, fill in the blank, and copywork. Landmark History (Boorstin) chapter 10


Adam Smith (1723-1790) was a Scottish social philosopher and pioneer of classical economics. He his best known for his work ‘The Wealth of Nations‘ which laid down a framework for the basis of free market economics. His work still plays an important role in modern economics.


Modern Classical Economics and Reality ( Evolutionary Economics and Social Complexity Science)

Expect More. Pay Less.

Why Is The Wealth of Nations So Important? Adam Smith and Classical Economics (2010)