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CM Issue: July/August 2005 Classified –Halifax rapper Classified’s latest album, Boy-Cott-In The Industry (on Urbnet/Outside Music), features cover art of picketers carrying such signs as “What Happened To Hip-Hop?” and “Pop Is Not The Answer.” Inside, a bunch of guys are up against the wall.


“It’s not a good story,” warns rapper Luke Boyd, better known as Classified, on how he picked his rap name. It’s not a very good rap name, either, let it be said – though not to his face when he was in Edmonton for a promo tour a couple of months back. He’s back to [...]


Trigger warning: From @cbc Canadian rapper is demanding a Newfoundland judge "explain himself" and is urging his social media following to speak up after the judge sentenced a St. John's man to five years in prison for the brutal rape of an 11-year-old girl. . Luke Boyd who performs as Classified posted Justice William Goodridge's email address on his Facebook page Thursday one day after the Newfoundland and Labrador Supreme Court Justice delivered the sentence to Christopher Ford Butt…