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Classroom mgmt

How to Help Your Principal Evaluate Your Special Ed Class: Be Proactive

As a special education teacher, does your principal evaluate you and your classroom with the same criteria as other general education classes? Do you feel like your teaching evaluations don't reflect the needs of your students and classroom? I'm sharing tips for how to help administrators understand the needs of your students and what they might look for in evaluations. I also included ideas for how to approach administrators about this somewhat intimidating subject.

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Reteaching & Reassessing: Giving kids a second chance to learn

Are you an elementary education teacher looking for reteaching strategies and reteaching ideas in the classroom? Download this freebie and lesson plan idea to give assessments after you have taught the standard! A great assessment idea and assessment for learning!

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Quiet turtles classroom management strategy that kids LOVE! Lots of wonderful behavior management strategies to help with a noisy talkative class

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New Year's Reading Activities: Squirrel's New Year's Resolution: Pat Miller, Kathi Ember: 9780807575918: Books

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4 Tips for Getting Students Back Into Routines After a Vacation — Trisha Katkin For Special Education Teachers

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The Primary Peach: Fresh Start in 2016: Organizing Weekly Papers

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Give incentives for full cards and give prizes for a certain amount of punches on a given day. Add Velcro to back to keep handy on desk.

Classroom Management: Bathroom Issues

Classroom Management: Bathroom Issues

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Back to School Tips

my favorite desk arrangement, no one's back is to the board, there are easy paths for movement, and kids who need reduced distractions can sit in the front