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Claddagh tungsten rings named the Clatter Promise ring are for Men looking for Irish Black Designs. The Clatter ring is available in 10mm width in a beveled shape.

from Etsy

Claddagh Wedding Set - White Gold - Diamond - Engagement Ring and Wedding Band - Bridal Set - Rickson Jewellery 97&98

Claddagh Wedding Set ~ Really clever... The crown is the wedding ring and the heart is the engagement ring... Cool!!


Claddagh engagement ring and wedding band set -- if I ever get married, I would love it if my fiance and I both had Claddagh engagement rings.


The clink and clatter of iron patten rings on a cobbled surface - a familiar sound in Devon farmyards. Pattens are overshoes, worn to keep the feet and expensive shoe leather out of the mud and wet. Pattens were worn in both the town and the countryside, in farmyards, laundries, on dirty unpaved streets and in bad weather. Pattens continued to be made and worn in rural areas into the 1920s, until they were finally replaced by rubber galoshes and wellington boots.