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How often you should clean your toothbrush holder — and the right way to do it

It's important to clean your iron if you notice the bottom plate starts wearing or staining. Try following this quick and simple guide for cleaning it.

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Sewing Tip: How to Clean Your Iron and Remove Burn Marks

We all know the importance of a good steam press while sewing, but when was the last time you cleaned your iron? Cleaning an iron can be made simple with just a


HOW TO CLEAN YOUR IRON: 1. Sprinkle a generous amount of salt onto your ironing board 2. Turn your iron to the highest setting, ensuring that the steam option is set to OFF 3. When heated, iron over the salt--what happens is that the dirt sticks to the salt, leaving nothing but a wonderfully, shiny iron! It is good to do this every so often to prevent debris or dirt from your iron melting or sticking to your articles of clothing!

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How To Get A Clean Iron and Make It Work Better

Step by step instructions on How To Clean An Iron - Remove gunk, buildup and even melted plastic!

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How to Clean and Reseason a Rusty Cast Iron Pan

My grandmother always told me you can't clean an iron skillet, no matter what. It's one of those myths passed down from generation to generation. You heard me:…