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Clean Toilet Stains

How to Remove Hard Water Stains From Your Toilet - A safe, effective and natural way to remove hard water stains from your toilet without any harsh chemicals. It literally takes minutes and leaves your toilet bowl clean and sparkly like it was when you purchased it!

A pinner wrote: Hard water stains in the toilet. 1/4 cup borax, 1 cup vinegar, wait 20 mins scrub. I did this yesterday (10/22/14) ba-bam, clean toilet!!

Pinner says, "Cleaning your toilet with coca cola will get out the nastiest stains! One pinner said: "I had my cousin try it when they bought a house and the toilets were disgusting, this trick left the toilets looking like new! I have also used Coke for cleaning soot off of the fireplace heat box, or outdoor grill. I'm glad I don't drink this stuff if it is that great of a cleaning product!" Really..."

Clean the toilet with coke to remove stains. Pour a can of coke in the toilet and leave sit over night(or at least one hour). The acids from the coke dissolve the stains. You should not have to scrub before flushing the coke ;) but if you have a hard, deep stain a little scrubbing before flushing will never hurt noone~!

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Cleaning tip: How to use vinegar and baking soda to remove hard water stains from your toilet bowl.

How to Remove Water Stains Get rid of rust, lime, scum and stains on bathroom fixtures.

Hydrogen Peroxide + Baking Soda = Most Effective Cleanser Ever: This blogger gave it the ultimate test (the grout around her boys' toilet). I gave it a try and it easily beat the eye-burning commercial products, removing stubborn hard-water stains on the shower door glass. Plus, it's cheap, non-toxic and has a fresh scent (unlike vinegar, gag).

Drop a couple of denture cleaning tablets into the toilet bowl at night to clean off stubborn stains.

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    Loretta S You can probably ask your comment at the original article. The writer probably has the answer.

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    Loretta S Haven't tried it myself. Just pinned for future experimentation, so you're ahead of me on that one!

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    I tried this last night and it WORKS like magic!! Can I use the tablets in the tank also?

Rust Stains | How To Clean (Almost) Anything And Everything

How to Remove Toilet Stains: tackle rust, lime, and hard-water stains by pouring table salt directly on the stain & then taking fresh lemon juice and scrubbing the stain. The combination is suppose to work well. Gonna try this soon!

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    Add one cap of household bleach to the tank before each flushing. Within days, the stains will disappear.

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    Just pour in diet coke. Clean as a whistle.

  • Dead Lady Talking

    you can used a bathroom pumice stone made specifically for cleaning; not for feet. i'm a housekeeper and people are always amazed on how clean it get's their bowls. you have to becareful though because it will scratch and create grey marks but i've found that water really helps buffer it so flush the toilet a lot or splash it. ta dah!

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We already did this, but it was so amazing I must share with my friends! Toilet Bowl Cleaner to clean rust stains out of your tub or tile..YES YOU CAN!!

  • Cortney Rose

    Made this mistake. Ate all the glaze off my tub.

  • Robin Risner

    You will also ruin your metal fixtures. Not good advice people

  • Donna Kammerdiener

    Please, think twice about doing this. This may seem like a quick fix to remove rust stains, but will de-glaze, the shiny porcelain finish on your tub and tiles, just like glass etching will etch glass. (I believe it warns not to use on tubs). Use safe CLR, calcium, lime, and rust remover, not caustic like toilet bowl cleaner.

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    this is amazing!!! worked wonders :)

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    rust stains in a bathtub whith hydrogen chlorure

Here are a few of them: Remove toilet bowl rings- cut off a piece of the Magic Eraser and let it sit in the toilet overnight to clean - Remove paint scratches on your car from minor fender benders - Remove cooked-on stains in pots and pans - Remove rust from most surfaces Remove nail polish spills or stains - Remove hair dye from counter tops Remove paint overspray that has dried - Remove dark paint on light-colored carpet - Remove tarnish from silver

TLC Home "How to Clean Toilet Stains"

Best ways to Clean with Lemons - furniture cleaner, floor cleaner, toilet cleaner, stain remover and miuch more....

Unsweetened Kool-aid to clean toilet. Leave in overnight to soften hard water stains. This is good since occasionally the dog likes to enjoy "agua de toilet."

Sprinkle shower/tub with baking soda and then spray with vinegar. After done sudsing then scrub - very easily removes hard water stains. Use cut lemon to remove and keep off water spots from the metal fixtures. (I did this today and it works like a CHARM)

How to Remove Soap Scum and Hard Water Stains from glass. Simply by using a dryer sheet and scrub pad. Dryer sheets work great in the kitchen on grease never thought to try in the bathroom!

How to Clean Hard Water Stains From a Toilet Bowl: 1 cup baking soda and 1 cup vinegar. Let sit 10 min.

Tough Toilet Cleaning! Tips for getting rid of tough stains in the toilet!

Borax - Add it to a bit of liquid dish soap and tackle the refrigerator shelves. Pour it down a clogged drain along with boiling water. Sprinkle it around the house exterior to deter insects. Dilute and spray it to kill mildew in the bathroom. Pour it in the toilet and let sit overnight; the next day, swish with a brush and flush to get rid of rust stains.

7 Natural Household Cleaning Cheats | Easy Life Hacks Oven, hard water stains, toilet, carpet, grease from clothes, paint, wood floors

Clean toilet bowls You don’t need a bald genie or a specialized product to clean ugly gunk and lime stains from your toilet bowl. Use WD-40 instead: Spray it into the bowl for a couple of seconds and swish with a nylon toilet brush. The solvents in the WD-40 will help dissolve the gunk and lime. ~ReadersDigest Site

Get rid of your hard water stains on porcelain.

Coca Cola Cleaner: It turns out that Coca Cola can be used a to clean bathtub, sink, toilet, clogged pipes, greasy clothes, pots and pans, windshield, and battery cables.

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    Does it work?

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    Funny I came across this and thought exactly the same thing! Lol

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    Erica Nunn its scary to think that coke can do this and we drink it, lol, its just so delicious!