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Make clean-up time fun

Make Clean-Up Time Fun "Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere. Clean up, clean up, everybody does their share." But wait -- what if your preschooler isn't doing his share? What if he's laughing and throwing toys at you while you're on your hands and knees picking up his mess? Here are some tried and true tips to reform your toddler from a toy tosser into a toy tidier.


♫ Clean up. Clean up. Everybody let's clean up. ♫ Sing this Super Simple Song for kids whenever you need to tidy up! Great for in the classroom or at home :-...


5 Great Songs for Clean Up Time I am not a fan of clean-up time because it always seems to be a battle.  My kids spend far more time playing and rediscovering their toys than cleaning up.  It is no…


I got so sick of singing "Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere, clean up, clean up, everybody do your share" so I made this song up. Download the mp3 her...