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Five Best Carpet Cleaners For Home Use • News To Review -

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10 hacks to make cleaning easier than ever (3 work while you sleep!)

Hate trying to figure out how to clean both sides of your blinds without getting tangled up between the slats? This trick is for you.

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25 Cleaning Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Clean Mini Blinds With Vinegar In a bowl mix together equal parts of water and vinegar. Slip an old sock on your hand. Dip the sock in the vinegar/water mixture and run it over the blinds. Can use a second old sock to wipe away the dampness after each slat in the blind has been cleaned .

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How to Clean Mini Blinds Without Taking Them Down

Clean Mini Blinds Without Taking Them Down

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Clean your blinds with a dryer sheet! Dust easily clings to the antistatic sheet!I've been using Pledge wipes on my wood blinds, but I just tried the dryer sheet & think this may be a little quicker, CHEAPER, + smells great! With 30 wood blinds to keep clean, I'm up for ANYTHING to make this task easier! Yea!!

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How to clean your plastic mini-blinds. Skip the sock (it doesn't work). Instead, pop them off their bracket. Stick them in a tub of warm water. Wipe (using your hand or washcloth) them down. Drain the water. Turn on shower and add OxiClean. Let them soak for at least 1 hour. Rinse well. Hang back up to dry or lay out on towels on the floor. Enjoy!

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Easy way to clean mini blinds! Fill half your tub with hot water, add your cleaner of choice (I used Mr. Clean), let them soak picking them up occasionally, drain tub. Fill tub with plain hot water to rinse! Good as new!

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Do you have a set of mini blinds that you no longer plan to use? A perfect way to repurpose them will be to learn how to turn mini blinds into roman shades.

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Window Blinds -- Put in bathtub, fill with clorox & hot water, put blinds in & pull them out a few times. Hang back up to drip dry (with a white towel below to catch drips). Once dry run over with dryer sheet to repel dust

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