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Kids water play toddlers sensory, pair up with a PVC water table, too!

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Ring Toss - I made these for Father's Day. All of the dads loved them and actually started playing with them the moment they got there hands on them. I should also say that I made the rings with matching tape so that they could play for bonus points. If they matched the ring to the correct post it was double the points.

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How to stain PVC in colors that won't peel off...even after screwing pipes on/off

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I'm thinking 2 hole pipe straps (painted white) and get a piece of white vinyl board and just screw small piece of those boards to the post then strap the 1" PVC pipe to those boards so it stands off and clears the post caps - That board will be prob like $20 but you'll prob only need one - Just cut a slit down in the pipe wide enough for the light string and put a cap on it so it doesn't come out 1" PVC pipe 2 pipe caps per pipe 2 straps per pipe One 1"x3"x8' board

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Outdoor Holiday Lolipops Rubber play balls in red and green, wired ribbon, clear cellophane (the kind you wrap “gift baskets” with or use pre-formed “gift basket” plastic bags (Dollar Tree), PVC pipe (cut in equal lengths; I chose 3 ft. for my garden) to be used as the lollipop stands, large suction cups, strong adhesive, wired holiday ribbon, thin wire or pipe cleaners.

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