Best colors for Clear Winter seasonal color women; Clear Winter color palette | #ClearWinter #colorpalette

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I knew I had "Winter" colouring but it wasn't until I checked out this site that I realised I was "Clear Winter"!

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Here are your BEST colors if you are a clear winter. Visit for the complete clear winter color palette.

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This would be such an awesome basis for a wardrobe, and then add in your super punchy colors as scarves, tights, jewellery, bags, etc. Simple but glamorous!

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Winters can have a lot of fun being dramatic with their colors and fashion since their features are typically dark and strong. What ever you do, run away from mustard yellow, browns, oranges, beiges and muted, warm tones. You can pull off a strong, cool red lip and black liquid eyeliner, so rock it!

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I made this infographic to help distinguish between winter's icy colors and summer's pastels. I used BW at top and LSu on bottom because I feel they are some of the harder ones to differentiate. Thanks to colleague S for collecting many of the photos.

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