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♬''' Photo by Clem Burke on Twitter: "Brian Setzer ,Me, Dave Stewart, Tom Petty ... :) ...'''♬

The short lived "Elvis Ramone" (aka Clem Burke of Blondie) lineup

Photo of Debbie HARRY and BLONDIE and Clem BURKE; Debbie Harry & Clem Burke (playing Premier drum kit, drums) on the set of the 'Heart of Glass' video shoot


The International Swingers SWINGERS, “Gun Control (Feat Glen Matlock, Clem Burke, James Stevenson & Gary Twinn), New band Feat members Of Sex Pistols Chelsea, Generation X, Blondie. [All The Cats Recordings] Manufactured by Key Production

from CBS News

Photos from the early years of Blondie

Blondie drummer Clem Burke and Debbie Harry (and various people) in New York, c. 1976.