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Officer John Lyons often goes above and beyond the call of duty, rescuing stray dogs while on his night shift. A few weeks ago, he rescued a special case. Cleveland Police said, "While on duty last week he found this sickly pregnant dog and brought her home to care for her. She gave birth to a litter of puppies, which he and his wife are also caring for now!"


Cleveland police breaking up a brawl at a kindergarten graduation ceremony [908x524] [OS]

Vicente Alvarado held without right to bail after allegedly assaulting estranged girlfriend and killing her kitten

"Judge C. Jeffrey Kinder ruled Thursday that prosecutors can hold Alvarado without right to bail for 90 days because there are no conditions that will insure the safety of the public and the woman."

Woman killed by cops in an act of brutal justice. You will be shocked after reading it!

Woman killed by cops in an act of brutal justice. You will be shocked after reading it! - brutal justice, cops, News, Woman killed

Justice Department wants sweeping changes in Cleveland Police Department; report finds "systemic deficiencies"

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and the Justice Department stepped into a firestorm of controversy today, delivering a scathing review of the Cleveland Police Department's use-of-force policies and practices, and recommending sweeping reforms at the department.

The Usual Suspects Defraud Cleveland Police Misconduct Settlement Winners

Feds Find Shocking, Systemic Brutality, Incompetence In Cleveland Police Department

WASHINGTON -- In recent years, Cleveland police officers have punched a boy who was in handcuffs for shoplifting and shot at an unarmed kidna...

Cleveland Police Cited for Abuse by Justice Department