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Melanated 'Black' Africans were the ONLY inhabitants on the planet until about 55,000 years ago. At one point, Africa was only 20 miles from Europe. Civilization originated in the hot humid climate of Africa, the Melanin protected the Africans from The Sun. Pink Africans aka Albinos born from Black Africans cannot easily survive in hot temps. Parts of Africa, dry heat produces narrow noses. - Ivan Van Sertima

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A Black Girl's Guide to Dealing with Bugs in Africa

Learn how to deal with bugs while living abroad in Africa! Back to Africa |African travel |Moving to Africa | Namibia | Africa | Cultural Adjustment in Africa | Black travel | Travel Noire | Black expats | Americans in Africa |African American in Africa | |Black Americans in Africa | Expats in Africa|Move to Africa | Living in Africa |African insects|Nature in Africa|African climate|Fear of spiders

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‘Africa is tired of being in the dark’: bank chief on plans to boost energy

2016-11-18 At COP22, the African Development Bank’s president, Akinwumi Adesina, tells of strategies to improve energy supplies and fight the impact of climate change.

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Cause behind African migrant flood has terrifying implications for the world

The migrant crisis in the Mediterranean is symptomatic of deep dislocation in the Sahel region and sub-Saharan Africa — dislocation exacerbated by climate change.

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Geography Of Africa Powerpoint

This is a photo-rich, visually stimulating powerpoint with notes on the geography and climate of Africa. This powerpoint also includes a slide with...

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COP22 sets the stage for Africa to mobilise support for adaptation plans

The 22nd Session of the Conference of Parties COP22 will determine what action needs to be taken to combat climate change once the Paris Agreement comes into effect. The conference, which is under way in Morocco, will be crucial in helping African countries manage the effects of climate change. The Conversation Africa’s Samantha Spooner asked …


Fatima Denton, coordinator of the African Climate Policy Centre of the UN Economic Commission for Africa, based in Ethiopia.

Splash Screen Section 1-7 (pages 223–225) The Land of Africa and The Climate of Africa Africa is the second largest continent. (Asia is the largest.)

Simplified climatic map of Africa: Sub-Saharan Africa consists of the Sahel and the Horn of Africa in the north (yellow), the tropical savannas (light green) and the tropical rainforests (dark green) of Equatorial Africa, and the arid Kalahari Basin (yellow) and the "Mediterranean" south coast (olive) of Southern Africa. The numbers shown correspond to the dates of all Iron Age artifacts associated with the Bantu expansion.