Climate science

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Climate Science: What You Need To Know - it's okay to be smart . Get smart about climate change now courtesy of PBS and the SCI channel YouTube

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Purpose : At the end of this ‘scavenger hunt on climate’ students will be able to learn about the vocabulary of climate and science behind it. It is aimed at students from years 4 to 9. This scavenger hunt introduces to students information and basics about the Climate, its various zones and factors affecting the climate. There are 24 scavenger hunt cards with colorful pictures. It’s a great tool to explore vocabulary around Climate. This lesson was submitted by Piyush Bhakar - If…

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NASA Climate Kids - An educational website with activities, resources, and games to teach kids of all ages about Earth's systems, water cycle, weather and climate.

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Energy Balance & Planetary Temperature, Atmospheric Warming, Greenhouse Gases, Oceans, Ice & Rocks, and more!

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Climate Change 101 with Bill Nye. All Republicans who don't believe in climate change need to watch. From the increase in severe weather, to drought, to wildfires, climate change is to blame. Unfortunately, climate change is denied or last on the list for politicians.

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Whale Blubber Experiment Many animals live their lives in extreme weather conditions. Blue whales, for example, migrate between warm breeding waters and cold feeding waters near Antarctica and in the Arctic. How do whales and other animals stay warm in very cold water and climates? Find out with this easy science demonstration that uses only common household items.

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