Clematis "Nelly Moser" and climbing rose - Christine's garden in Artland / Lower Saxony

'Pierre de Ronsard', MEIviolin, (also known as 'Eden') (1985) Modern Climbing Rose | Suzanne MacCrone Rogers

Jasmina ~ Climbing Rose

Eden rose - one of the best climbers...French gardening-gardens

Shorter roses and clematises are ideal for framing windows. An advantage of growing these two plants together is that with correct pruning, the clematis will flower from the base to the top, its flowers masking the inevitable “bare legs” of the climbing rose.

Stunningly beautiful white climbing Roses....what a show!!!!

Quick Guide for Climbing Roses with Sensible Gardening

Eden Rose. If you have room for a climbing rose, this is the only one I'd recommend. Although not super fragrant, the green-cream-pink shades and cut flower abilities make this rose a standout.

How To Prune Roses Pruning Roses Correctly var infolink_pid = 8675; var infolink_link_color = '0d8f63'; How To Prune Roses: When to...

Pink climbing roses cascading over a white picket fence. This is so elegant and happy and charming!!

MEILLAND – pierre de ronsard rose / eden rose

Climbing roses on a tree! Why haven't I thought of this???

Joseph's coat...climbing rose ♥♥♥ truly the real thing....The most beautiful rose and blooms from spring to fall.....

Garden.... incredible roses growing on a great green painted trellis.... loooove that the trellis is painted green, so roses show off more

To greet the weary guests ( or family and friends, anyway, lol) who might wander onto the "Hodgepodge Hobby Farm" Set it right in the entrance at Charlie's Garden... Makes me think of Narnia!

<3 <3 <3 Climbing roses <3 <3 <3 Want to own this kinda house!

9 of the Best Plants for Trellises, Archways and Arbors. These beautiful plants are perfect climbers for your landscape.

Train Roses to Produce More Flowers | Fine Gardening. Bending & "pinning" canes on climbing roses to produce more blossoms. Also how to prune in spring.

Pearly Gates™ Climbing Rose Exceptionally large flowers are pure pastel pink – a color you rarely in climbing roses. Like old-fashioned roses in form and strong, sweet scent, they open all the way to the ground on sturdy 10-12' canes! Blooms on both old and new wood, so you will have lots of flowers throughout summer and fall, and its disease resistance is well above the norm. All this from a plant discovered growing in a home garden in Missouri! Zones 4-9.

I really want my arbor to look like this next year! Eden climber roses

Climbing roses | 1001 Gardens. Want!!! Think I will get 2 great pots and some trellises and get ready for spring!!

14 Roses for Pergolas and Arbors - These types of roses climb and drape beautifully on pergolas, arbors, trellises and other structures

How to train climbing roses

Images of :: stone gardens - Fieldstone Hill Design. How I'd love to have this for a thinking seat!