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Iv'e been working on the Campaign for @hillaryclinton from day one and I'm so proud to be on #teamhillary and all weekend long I will be calling voters knocking on doors canvassing & Getting Out The Vote For @hillaryclinton We are going all the way to the White House! #imwithher #hillary2016 #hillaryclinton #hillaryforpresident #hillarysoqualified #hillfire #hillyes #hillary #volunteer #politics#prez #democrat #winning #potus #lgbtrights #equality #hillarytime #hillarygirlforlife…


My choice in 2016, I hope she teams up with Bernie Sanders !

A minha alma é repleta de terra.... Tu estás plantado nela. Com todas as raízes de amor. E folhas sorridentes de noite de lua. E os cheiros das ilhas escondidas nos grãos do mar... ღ


How the Clinton Campaign Is Foiling the Kremlin

The source most often cited by the Hillary Clinton campaign in its effort to…

Clinton Campaign Warns Media About This!

Clinton Campaign Unloads On NBC For Covering Hillary's "Coughing Attack" | Zero Hedge

Clinton Campaign also Hacked in Attacks on Democrats

Julian Assange just dropped a bomb on the Hillary Clinton campaign that proves…

@Regrann from @njforberniesanders - Bernie Sanderss supporters have secured permits for four demonstrations near Julys Democratic National Convention according to a new report. The events will rally support for Sanderss message while Democrats select their presidential nominee in Philadelphia according toThe Wall Street Journal. Just another example of Bernie Sanders getting Americans to care about their rights and the Democratic Process again. A lot of people would not even care or have…