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How to Make a Child's Clone Trooper Costume from Cardboard


Foam Clone Trooper Armour

This Instructable will show you how to build a suit of Clone Armour out of ordinary foam, cardboard, and duct tape. This particular suit was constructed for my 12-year-old step-brother, using an action figure as reference. A few pieces are missing (such as the hand guards, ab plate, and thermal detonator) but the look is definitely conveyed. From start to finish, this project took about a month and-a-half to complete. I can't accurately determine a budget, as I already had several of the…

from Jokers Masquerade

Commander Cody Costume Clone Trooper (Deluxe)

The leader of the 7th Sky corp was Commander Cody also known as unit 2224. Commander Cody is easily identifiable in his yellow highlighted phase armour. This costume is a Licensed Star Wars replica of the outfit worn by Temuera Morrison as Commander Cody.