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Peregrine Falcon. Raptors have always been near me since I was a little girl. As close to a totem animal as I have.


Fish Scale Gusoku. Edo period 17th century Rare armor composed of thin Black Brown lacquered leather imitating fish scales. Box decorated with red lacquer Mon (main emblem) of Waka-Bayashi. Included in ‘Japanese armor in the Arman collection’ by Robert Burawoy, exhibition at the Grand Palais from 14 to 19 January 1992. An armour close to that which belonged to the famous strategist Takenaka Hambei preserved in the Museum of Okayama in Bizen province

from Expressions d'Enfants

Paris Pâques 2015

Another from the cubewall. Tintin and Snowy. Granted Berk's a sheltie, but this is actually pretty close to how I live -- even have Tintin's hairline these days.


Carpenters Close To You Wow, I was 1 when this concert was filmed and Karen looks sick here...I wish there had been as much awareness then as now. For those who didn't know-Karen Carpenter died of Bulimia, very sad-she had a spectacular voice, she was beautiful and she just couldn't see it.


If you had not have fallen Then I would not have found you Angel flying too close to the ground! And I patched up your broken wing And hung around a while, Tried to keep your spirits up And your fever down. I knew someday that you would fly away For love's the greatest healer to be found. So leave me if you need to, I will still remember Angel f...


Floke Vilgerdarson, also known as Raven-Floke, was one of the first Vikings that arrived in Iceland. He used to have hungry ravens with him when sailing in unknown waters. When he believed they where close to land, he released the ravens. If the ravens flew right up, and then in a certain direction, the ship followed the birds, if the ravens returned to the ship, there was no land in sight.