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[Self Portrait (Hand, 3 panels, vertical) by John Coplan] * "There’s a space at the bottom of an exhale, a little hitch between taking in and letting out that’s a perfect zero you can go into. There’s a rest point between the heart’s muscle’s close and open - an instant of keenest living when you’re momentarily dead. You can rest there." - Mary Karr

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20 Endangered Species That May Surprise You

Glaucous Macaw, country of origin: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay. Now extinct due to habitat destruction

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Close up of 22" soft-bodied Harlequin doll, with bisque porcelain limbs, shoulder plate, and head, made in a limited edition of 12 pieces, Germany, 1990, by Sylvia Natterer.

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In pictures: Atlas of Rare Birds by Dominic Couzens

White-rumped vultures were once a familiar sight in the cities of southern Asia, with a population numbering millions, but its numbers plummeted fast in the 1990s. It was discovered that an anti-inflammatory drug used to treat injured cattle was to blame. When the cattle died, the vultures would ingest the drug and suffer a slow, painful death

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