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This winter, a snow storm knocked the power out at the Continental Tavern, but Frank used a generator to keep his doors open and his customers in good spirits. The crowded tavern became so busy that Frank needed to restock, but when he went to the closest government-run liquor store, he found it closed. Thanks to the PLCB Frank had to make do with what he had.

Brass Monkey, a simplier version. Many recipes out there, now, but these two I've shared are the closest to the original. This is the version that was bottled and sold in the liquor stores in the 60's -- premixed in party size 5th's


Nukem (Duke Nukem Forever Cocktail) Ingredients:1 glass Mello Yellow1 shot vodka1 splash spiced rum1 splash moonshine (or any other high proof liquor)  Directions: Mix the first three ingredients and pour into a glass.  Float your moonshine on top (we used moonshine because it’s the closest thing to, you know, nuclear waste or gasoline.  You can buy “moonshine” from most liquor stores, but any high proof alcohol will do).  Nuke that ‘splody barrel and ignite the ...