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Clothes Drop Off Bin

Yes, Most of Those New Clothing Drop-Off Bins Are a Scam - Do not use Planet Aid any more.

Annually NYC residents throw away approximately 200,000 tons of clothes, towels, blankets, curtains, shoes, handbags, belts, and other textiles and apparel. Why New Yorkers sometimes choose to toss out rather than donate their unwanted clothes is believed to be a matter of convenience. re-fashioNYC is a partnership between the City of New York and Housing Works to make clothing donation as easy as possible through convenient in-building drop-off service.


Don't Put Your Unwanted Clothes In Those Pink Bins... The clothes go to a for-profit company. Here's a list of non-profit places to drop off your used clothes!


If you are not near a local charity op shop then drop off your used clothing to your local clothing bin - just make sure it's a reputable charity

I was dropping some used clothes off at a local bin when I turned around and found a field of fabulous flowers! What a great rabbit hole!

from Smithsonian

Fake Clothing Drop Bins Use Your “Charity” Donations To Make a Profit