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Clothes folding board

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1+2+3 Clothes Folding Board

Folding clothes is a boring and laborious chore. So speed up the process by making a folding board out of cardboard and duct tape.

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Make a T Shirt Folder

How to make a T-shirt folder out of foam board and duct tape. Need this for the Sheldon Cooper of my house...

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Practical Adjustable Garment Folding Board Clothes Folder Flip Organizer #organization #gadget #household

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Make your own kid sized DIY folding board for

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Crease-Mate: A Shirt-folding Board

Folding clothes is the worst part of doing laundry. Folding shirts by hand is time consuming, inconsistent, and untidy. This can lead to wrinkles, unorganized closets, and wasted time ironing. The Crease-Mate is a shirt folding board that will alleviate these inconveniences. This solution is quicker, neater, more consistent, and it's virtually free! The Crease-Mate is incredibly easy to make, just follow these simple steps.

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WATCH: Keep Your Shirts From Looking Like This

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Have All Your Type-A Dreams Come True With This Folding Board

DIY Clothes Folding Board; Have All Your Type-A Dreams Come True With This Folding Board

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