So pretty, so smart, such a waste of a young heart. This is what happens in the Hunger Games. I cried when Rue, Foxface and Clove died. I teared up when Glimmer died..

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Day 1: My favourite character is Clove Kentwell because her death was sad, she was just a kid, she was probably FORCED to waste her life ion the hunger games and the Capitol killed her without a second thought. Also I'm team Clato.

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Ha! Ha! I know where this was taken! We all had a laugh about it when it was sent as an internal memo!

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"What did you learn this summer?" "Oh, I learned how to throw knives."

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"You know, it's too bad you couldn't help your little friend. That little girl. What was her name again? Rue?" - Clove, District 2 tribute and knife-throwing expert.

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