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The Best Essential Oil for Teeth | | This is one of the best EOs for mouths. From pain relief to decreasing bacteria, find out more here!


teething oil: All you have to do is mix 1 drop of clove essential oil into 1 Tbsp. of oil, mix it well and take a q-tip dipped in your oil and rub it on baby’s gums. Repeat as needed to numb the gums and provide relief.


22 Amazing Benefits Of Clove Oil (Laung ka Tel)

10 Amazing Benefits Of Clove Oil 1.Clove oil for teeth .2. Infections: 3. Skin Care: 4. Relive Stress: 5. Headache: 6. Respiratory problems: 7. Ear Ache: 8. Indigestion: 9. Diabetes: 10. Cosmetics and perfumes:


The 30 Best Foods for Healthy Teeth and Gums ,garlic,ginger,clove,green leafy vegetablescoconut oil,sesame oil

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Uses for Clove Essential Oil

Clove oil is good for oral support….Do you have a teenager in braces? Clove oil can help alleviate that monthly adjustment discomfort. Use Clove oil with Wild Orange to kill the sugar monster. Place one drop of Clove in two ounces of water and gargle for a soothing effect. Helps to clean the teeth and gums while promoting fresh breath. During your nightly routine, add one drop of clove …


A natural stimulant, Clove essential oil contains powerful antioxidant properties and supports cardiovascular health when taken internally. Many have found it useful in helping clean teeth and gums when added to toothpaste. A little drop goes a long way! Check out my Facebook Shop for some great deals on doTERRA Essential Oils:

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Healing Benefits of Clove Oil - I mix 5 drops clove oil and 5 drops oregano oil with 20 drops of olive oil for an incredibly effective toothache remedy (also works great when you've had wisdom teeth removed)