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Cnut the Great (985 or 995 - 1035). King of Denmark from 1018 until he died in 1035. King of England from 1016 until 1035. King of Norway from 1028 until 1035. King of Sweden from 1026 until 1030. He married twice and had two children with each wife. He is considered a great warrior king.


Emma of Normandy (c. 985 – 1052), was a daughter of Richard the Fearless, Duke of Normandy, and sister of Richard the Good. She was queen consort of England as second wife to Æthelred the Unready, and then to King Cnut.


The Danish prince, Cnut the Great, was king of England from 1016 to 1035. He also ruled Denmark and parts of Norway and Sweden. image: Areas ruled by Cnut the Great


Canute 1016-35. Canute became undisputed King of England in 1016, and his rivals (Ethelred's surviving sons and Edmund's son) fled abroad. In 1018, the last Danegeld of 82,500 pounds was paid to Canute. Ruthless but capable, Canute consolidated his position by marrying Ethelred's widow Emma. During his reign, Canute also became King of Denmark and Norway; his inheritance and formidable personality combined to make him overlord of a huge northern empire.


Cnut the Great - Cnut the Great, also known as Canute, was born to Sweyn Forkbeard and Swietoslawa in 985 and died on November 12, 1035. He was the king of Denmark, England, Norway, and parts of Sweden. He won the throne of England in the beginning of the Viking era in 1016, and he won the Danish throne in 1018. He united the English and Danish thrones not by brutality but by developing cultural harmony and a collective power base. After conquering Norway and Sweden in 1026, he wrote a…


Danish Vikings invaded and settled northern and eastern England beginning in 876, and managed to control a third of Britain (the Danelaw) for nearly 80 years. The Danish prince, Cnut the Great, was king of England from 1016 to 1035. He also ruled Denmark and parts of Norway and Sweden.


Harold Harefoot, 1035-40. The death of King Canute in 1035 caused a succession dispute between his two surviving sons, one from each of his marriages. Harold Harefoot was Canute's son by his "temporary wife" Ælfgifu of Northampton. It was Harold who got his foot in the door first as his brother, Harthacnut was in Denmark, having been installed as ruler of that country by his father.


King Canute was sometimes called Cnut the Gre.tHe was a VikingCanute was originally a Danish prince. He became king of England in 1016 after the Danish king chased away the weak English king, Ethelred, who had angered the Danes by attacking Viking families living in England. Canute was a good king and a strong ruler. Under his rule England prospered.The Viking raids on England stopped when Canute became king.


Harthacnut, House of Knýtlinga, b.1018 d.08 June 1042, son of Cnut & Emma of Normandy, King of England 1040-1042. Unmarried.


Emma of Normandy (c. 985 March 1052 in Winchester, Hampshire), was daughter of Richard the Fearless, Duke of Normandy, by his second wife Gunnora. She was Queen consort of England twice, by successive marriages: first as second wife to Æthelred the Unready of England (1002–16); and then second wife to Cnut the Great of Denmark (1017–35). Two of her sons, one by each husband, and two stepsons, also by each husband, became kings of England, as did her great-nephew, William the Conqueror.