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Oh Donald! Your job has just begun!


Doesn’t this picture capture much of today’s misguided culture in America, particularly the pushers of political correctness?<< Yup. #Moi


U.S. government did not trust the neutrality of the Miamis & US forces attacked Kekionga during the Northwest Indian War. Each attack was repulsed. St. Clair's Defeat was the worst defeat of an American army by Native Americans in U.S. history. This ended with the Battle of Fallen Timbers and Treaty of Greenville. Those Miami who still resented the United States gathered around Ouiatenon and Prophetstown, where Shawnee Chief Tecumseh led a coalition of Native American nations.


Navy sailor exposed to Fukushima radiation reveals depth of government cover-up 7-20-14 Coalition of military servicemen is suing tokyo electric power company for injuries they sustained in days following massive earthquake and tsunami


On this day 26th March, 1945 David Lloyd George, British statesman and Liberal Prime Minister died. He led a wartime coalition government between the years 1916-22, Leader of the Liberal Party from 1826-31 and a key figure in the introduction of many reforms, which laid the foundations of the modern welfare state


Supply and Demand: Our insatiable appetite for porn is fueling the exploitation of women via The Anti-Porn Men Project: "The problem of sex trafficking is largely thought of within the sphere of forced prostitution as the campaigning community raises awareness of this issue, with human trafficking a declared priority of the Coalition Government. Yet at the same time our society greedily consumes pornography without consideration to the potential exploitation of those women they are viewing"


Estonia parties seal coalition deal supporting NATO, EU ties

The three parties set to form Estonia's next coalition government pledged on Thursday to keep the small Baltic state firmly rooted in the European Union and NATO. The centrist Centre party, leftist Social Democrat SDE, and conservative IRL began formal coalition talks on Wednesday after embattled