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Cocoa Tan

Wonder if this really works...sounds way too easy to have such great #DIY Homemade Cocoa Powder Tan ( #beauty ) >>

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DIY Self Tanning Lotion | Cocoa Powder A cheap and easy way to give the appearance of a tan without leaving streaks and making your orange!

"adjust the amount of coco powder according to how tan u wish to be! then mix with ur daily lotion and voila u just made ur own self tanner and it lasted 3 days with me then it began to fade..."

At Home Sunless Tanning ~ Make black tea with 8-10 tea bags and 4 cups of water, and then put it in an empty spray bottle. Voila--no icky chemicals or damaging rays

How to Make Your Own Homemade Tanning Lotion, 1/2 cup unscented white lotion and 1/3 cup of pure cocoa powder and mix together until no clumps are visible. Apply moisturizing lotion before applying tanning lotion for better results. It will appear much darker in the bowl then on your skin. As you apply to skin it shows automatically how dark it will be. Keep lotion in another empty lotion bottle.

  • Leanne Morter

    And if you want the Martian look you can use green tea instead ;)

  • Courtney Knudsen

    Trust me it doesn't work. I actually tried it.

  • fiona porter

    thanks so much it worked 4 me. all you have to do is to rub it in lightly

  • Daisha Lynn

    No, I didn't. I realize the internet isn't a trusty source but the blog I was on has proved its competence over and over. And it wasn't on just one blog either

  • LaCeY LoVe

    So i was just wondering did you actually try or just look it up

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Homemade Ways to Look Tan. Only requires cocoa powder + lotion!

There is a far better all natural and organic way to get a gorgeous tan that is far cheaper than expensive tanning products. Try a homemade self-tanning lotion - no need for sun!

Cocoa & Tea DIY Natural Sunless Tanning Recipes! 1. Cocoa Powder: Mix ¼ cup of cocoa powder with your favorite lotion. Spread an even layer of the concoction on your skin. Rinse off after 15 minutes. 2. Tea: Steep 3 black tea bags in boiling water for 5-10 minutes. Remove the teabags and put ¼ cup of the tea into a blender. Add ¼ cup lanolin and ¼ cup sesame oil. Blend all of the ingredients on slow speed – making sure to slowly add the rest of the tea. Apply to your skin. #tanning #health

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula - Natural Bronze Body Lotion: Want an amazing natural-looking tan without the harsh UV rays? Not only does this moisturiser look natural, it also smells amazing. Every time I wear it I always get people telling me how yummy I smell (just don't over-do it)... A definite must-have!

If you think faux tanning is important in the summer, it's even more important in the winter when there's no sun to be found! Anyone who knows me personall

Homemade self tanning lotion: without the chemicals and a fraction of the cost. Simply amazing, the cocoa version is what I tried and I will be using it every night & morning to keep that tanned look, yay for semi- homemade products!

Anti aging ultra moisturizing face mask Coconut oil & Cocoa Moisturizing Mask 1 TBSP of coconut oil2-3 TSP of cocoaOld towelLeave it on for 15 minutes and rinse of with warm water. Dry lightly with a towel. Look at yourself in the mirror, blow yourself some kisses, give compliments, smile, and go on with your day.Repeat every 2-3 days for 6-9 days if your skin is über dry. Then continue with a bi-weekly schedule.

DIY Today Online Network: DIY Self Tanning Recipes Moisturizer and cocoa powder!

must try, i look like an albino now

  • Dikla Anavim

    there r tanning wipes for that and the tann dosen't rub on clothes

  • kate

    But does it rub off on clothes or anything?

Splurge vs. Steal: NARS Monoi Body Glow & Vaseline Cocoa Butter Gel Body Oil

  • M E

    Vaseline is pretty good.

DIY cocoa butter coffee lotion. Coffee/caffeine is great for cellulite so using this along with the coffee body scrub is sure to give you some good results!

Best Fake Tan, Ever? This Local Blogger Has Shocking Proof #Refinery29

Cocoa Glow by Chocolate Sun is an all-natural, organic self-tanning gel.

Best #Makeup Tips And #Ideas We Have Learnt From Our Moms


DIY fake tan. You can wash your skin with a strong brewed black tea, coffee, or cocoa. This will give your skin a light tan, and it will also make it more elastic. Another good idea is to create ice cubes from coffee or strong tea, and wipe your face with one each morning. This will give your skin a light golden tone without tanning.

Chocolate Homemade self tanner: Chocolate or cocoa powder is a natural self-tanner, mix together 1 cup of body lotion (white) and 1/4 cup of cocoa powder or chocolate. Store the mixture in a cool place and use it in place of body lotion when you want to fake a tan. Store the mixture for up to two weeks. After applying, let this lotion dry for at least 1 hour

live, love & lemonade cocoa powder tanning