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What's so funny abt this is that I literally just finished reviewing that in Geometry 2 seconds ago!

Funny pictures about Math And Winter. Oh, and cool pics about Math And Winter. Also, Math And Winter photos.

Enjoy our top 25 cute cold weather quotes as the temperature drops outside!

25 Cute Cold Weather Quotes

If you haven't heard, the weather all around the United States is about to get very very cold (or even colder).

This is so well thought out..

And whether or not they're off drinking whiskey and rye and not paying attention to milkshakes or cold ones.

STAHP. America. Haha. No but seriously, the red phone, I'm pretty sure, is the phone that was set up in the presidents and Russian leader's offices so if stuff happened they could just call each other and fix it then and there. It was put into place after the Cold War.

That’s How The War Begun

Funny pictures about That's How The War Begun. Oh, and cool pics about That's How The War Begun. Also, That's How The War Begun photos.

People who hate the cold be like...

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Long Cold Nights - Scandinavia and the World

Webcomic: I have had this comic on my computer for a month now, because I wasn’t sure if I should post it.

It's so cold outside I actually saw a gangsta pull his pants up! - minion

It's so cold outside I actually saw a gangsta pull his pants up!