#3. Homemade Cold Remedy -- 22 Everyday Products You Can Easily Make From Home (for less!) These are all so much healthier, too!

How To Beat A Cold, Worked well to get rid of the sore throat feeling... however i still feel the cold coming on.

All natural... no crazy ingredients... hot, warm, or cold.

24 Life Hacks That Will Simplify Your Life [ Health]

Cold Busters: Spa-Inspired Ways To Kill A Cold Fast - use lymphatic massage or facial acupressure to relieve sinus symptoms | Beautylish

Last year, while I was pregnant and could no longer take any of the "good" cold drugs, I started researching natural remedies and will never go back! This NEVER fails!

Home made ice packs...cheap and effective! #DIY #health #pain

Vicks Shower Tablets Recipe | A Thoughtful Homemade Christmas Gift for Men or Women (helps clear congestion from colds)

Home remedies for common ailments 1 - Oatmeal for acne 2 - Garlic for earache 3 - Salt & Pepper for toothache 4 - Coconut oil for dandruff 5 - Salt water for sore throat 6 - Apple cider vinegar for indigestion 7 - Olive oil for constipation 8 - Thyme for coughs 9 - Spiced tea for common cold 10 - Lavender for headaches

Honey Ginger Throat Drops - DIY Homemade Cold And Flu Drops, Syrup Recipes

"Golden milk" for cold, flus, depression, and more (in a recipe that actually tastes good!)

Detox Bath "This is especially beneficial if you are trying to rid the body of a bug of some sort, like the flu, or a cold." I feel like I'm getting sick, I'll be doing this tonight!

Try this easy recipe for homemade vapor rub shower cubes. This DIY remedy is perfect for clearing up nasal congestion and cold symptoms.

Homemade Decongestant Shower Tablets - Skip the store bought vapor tablets! This homemade natural remedy works much better, is cheaper and are so easy to make! You'll wonder you waited so long to make the switch!

The detox bath is a miracle home remedy for the common cold and flu! This health article includes three detox bath recipes, and other tips to feel better.

This ancient remedy from the 16th century does seem strange, but by placing a pungent vegetable in your sock at night, you can help alleviate colds, reduce fevers, and rid the body of toxins.

10 Effective Home Remedies To Treat Head Cold

Recipe for the Ultimate Cold Killer Shots. Combines simple ingredients that deliver a potent punch of immune boosting power.

best home remedies using honey and cinnamon - cold, sore throat, mouth wash, weight loss....

The 11 Best DIY Cold and Cough Remedies

I will find a way to make this useful one day! Anyways still good info to have..

Natural cold remedy - use apple juice base. Want to remember that cloves and cinn sticks help w fever.

All natural cold and flu remedy. Get recipe here: http://simplegreensmoothies.com/natural-healing/lemon-ginger-and-honey-all-natural-coldflu-remedy