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Coldplay Latest Album

Coldplay. In Mumbai shooting for their video of A Head Full Of Dreams. So excited to see them in a few months with my best friend!!!!!!


I’m not going to be buying the latest Coldplay album Mylo Xyloto. A mention of the name would fill my head with a flurry of negative thoughts and associated neural networks would ignite helping me develop my own imaginary “Coldplay” who encompassed everything which was wrong with music.This grew until I realised that I was mentally filing every negative aspect of a band in the drawer marked ‘Coldplay’ in my brain. I decided it was time I challenged my impression via a listening session.


Brian Enos dark near-masterpiece is well worth the struggle Music Review: Brian Enos dark near-masterpiece is well worth the struggle At the age of 67 and with one of the most accomplished careers in modern music behind him Brian Eno would have every right to rest on his laurels and spend the rest of his career producing Coldplay albums and earning big paychecks. Lucky for us he has the type of brain that simply cannot be turned off and even after decades of unbridled creativity Eno…

Google is offering a free copy of Coldplay’s album Ghost Stories on Google Play right now. Google Play’s third birthday celebration continues, with more freebies, this time an album in Google Play Music from UK band Cold Play. Google is offering a free copy for your digital music locker of Coldplay’s latest album Ghost Stories which is normally priced at around $9.99. [READ MORE HERE]