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Coldstone Nutrition

i seriously want coldstone NOW. My favorite combo is Cake Batter Ice Cream with brownies and caramel and a generous swirl of whipped cream on top. yummmmaaaa


Muscle Milk Man: Muscle Milk Protein Bar Ice Cream Mix-In Recipe Use Muscle Milk Protein Bars as a Coldstone-like "mix-in"... but healthier! Recipe here:

If you are looking for Weight Watchers Points or nutrition information for your favorite restaurant, then look no further. With over 300 restaurants, some common and some local diners, you are sure to find something within your daily allowance to help you reach your weight loss goals.


I dont know about you but every time Im walking through the mall, the smell of Cold Stone ice cream attacks my cravings and pulls me toward the counter! Here are a couple of healthier options vs. the high calorie treats.  1. Cold Stones Lemon Sorbet! There are several other flavors of sorbet with a common nutritional value. 2. Sinless Smoothies! Berry Banana!  3. Iced Latte Sweet Cream with Non Fat Milk and No Whipped Topping 4. Cold Stones Frozen Yogurt! This is an average of all the…