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Cole Sprouse’s new show ‘Riverdale’ (CW)

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||fc:Cole Sprouse|| "sup I'm Cole... I like art and photography... I'm addicted to smoking... I might seem like an ass but that's only when you're being an ass to me" smirks "otherwise I'm a pretty chill guy.. I'm 19, single.. Relationships never do me any good.. But I guess I'm looking forward to meeting some people I guess.. Chat?"

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Actor Cole Sprouse photographed by Dani Brubaker for Issue 11. Fashion by Sean Knight. / Cole Sprouse for Issue 11 / News / Boys by Girls

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Cole Sprouse by Damon Baker

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{{Closed}}I was climbing inside the abandon train which was where me and Anna where living.But Anna was out hunting for herself.I heard {y/c} walking closer and closer to me.I turn and look to see {y/c}.

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Child actors then and now: Where are your favourite stars?

Child actors then and now

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Cole Sprouse by Damon Baker

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