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Canoeing is a great way to explore areas that are impassable by larger boats or by foot. Canoes are lightweight, sleek, easy to transport, durable and do not require a license for use. Canoes are usually made of these types of materials: wood, fiberglass, plastic and aluminum. My canoe is a Coleman Canoe made out of plastic and we have owned it for 25 years. We live in an area where there are many rivers and lakes and have been on many expeditions with our canoe and it is still in great…


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This is a 12 volt ~35Ah (U1 size battery) setup. It will be used in a really old 17 foot Coleman canoe. The box used allows for one battery to be held in pla...


Sevylor K1 Quipak 1-person Kayak by Coleman

Coleman Standard Style 26-gauge PVC Tahiti Classic Two-person Kayak