The Amazon Integral Collagen from Vital Proteins has some serious benefits - from great hair, skin, and nails to improving joint health and weight loss. - Fit Mom Journey

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When your body starts losing its natural collagen, that's when your skin forms wrinkles, your joints become sore, and your bones start to get more brittle. Fortunately, you can restore some collagen in your body simply by eating it.

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Bone broths got recently very popular in the West, but actually many eastern cultures have made bone broths for centuries. The reason why they are so popular is their health effect besides their amazing taste. Bone broths contain valuable minerals, they are rich in protein and collagen which is good for your skin, hair and nails and they boost your immune system. You can freeze your cooked broth for months plus broths can be easily made in slow-cooker.

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Bone Broth Collagen Chocolate

The Healthiest Shot You'll Ever Take! It promotes clear + glowing skin, reduces wrinkles and cellulite, improves digestion and strengthens the immune system!

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And article about the Health benefits of gelatin and How to get more gelatin in your diet. (Vital Proteins is by far the cleanest and best grass fed gelatin and collagen source that I have found...)

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How, when and why we should take collagen. Collagen is what holds us together! It’s found in skin, ligaments, cartilage, tendons, muscles, bone tissue, blood vessels, intervertebral discs, gastrointestinal tract, and even in the cornea of the eye.| Vital Proteins Pasture-Raised Collagen Peptides, All Natural Anti-Aging Drink Powder Dietary Supplement

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