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Collateral Damage Film

Best interview of Chomsky in long time; he describes Trump's apparently "vacuuous" mind & speaks on the new Trump era - UpFront special


One of the best books of all time Seriously, I think it's #1 for theme. I wrote to the President to read it with his family. Only death wins in war.


War isn't hell... MASH. Coming from a Christian perspective theologically speaking this isn't right because the Bible says Heaven is Heaven and hell is hell and there is no place that is truly like that on earth. I contemplated for a long time whether to pin this or not but I feel like that should be said. Hawk does have a good point however and I love how anti war he and this whole show is! All that war and just about every war aside from this fought by the U.S was a "police action" as…


Leverage Brains Rectangle Magnet

Nathan Ford, the Leverage mastermind, is the embodiment of the danger inherent in doing injustice to a righteous man. An alcoholic enveloped in grief for his dead son and the marriage destroyed as part of the collateral damage from that senseless death--courtesy of a heartless corporate policy--Ford is an implacable chess-master of a foe who plays a game on levels deeper than anyone imagines.


I love all of the songs that Adam wrote! I really wish that Shooting Star was a real band because I would totally listen to the songs because the meanings are so deep!


Eye in the Sky - a suspenseful and dramatic film examining a moral and political dilemma. I thought this was a superb film that not only keeps you guessing until the very end, but also really makes you think about authority and whose lives matter! Helen Mirren also does a flawless performance.