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How to Negotiate a Settlement With a Collection Agency

If a past-due account ends up in collections, you can negotiate a settlement that is less than what you owe. Unsecured debt, such as credit cards, medical bills and personal loans can be negotiated ...

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How to Deal with Collection Agencies

Everything you need to know about dealing with collection agencies. Collection agencies hate informed consumers. Know your legal rights under the FDCPA and you will never be bullied by them again.

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How to Pay Off Charged-Off Debt

Most lenders and creditors write off an account as a bad debt six months after it becomes delinquent. That doesn’t get you off the hook for paying the money you owe, as the debt will appear on your credit report as a charge-off. The creditor can then turn the account over to a collection agency. Although settling an old debt can lower your credit score, it is smart to pay off the debt if you want to apply for a home loan.

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Free Credit Repair Sample Letters for 2017

Sample credit repair letters that can be sent to credit bureaus, collection agencies, creditors and others when repairing your credit. Get your sample dispute letters, validation letters, ‘pay for delete’ letters, cease & desist letters, goodwill letters, and ChexSystems letters here.

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How to Remove a Paid Collection from Credit Report

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When and How to Settle Credit Card Debt

Are you drowning in a sea of credit card debt, have collection agencies hounding you, and have no idea what to do because you can’t pay your balance? There’s a light at the end of the tunnel you’re in, and it’s not declaring bankruptcy. Debt Payoff, Credit Card Debt #Debt Debt Payoff, Credit Card Debt #Debt

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9 Secrets Your Debt Collector Doesn’t Want You to Know

9 SECRETS YOUR DEBT COLLECTOR DOESN’T WANT YOU TO KNOW - Here are 5: 1. You are not obligated to communicate with collection agencies. 3. Paying it off won’t wipe it from credit reports. 6. You may be able to negotiate best deal at end of month. 7. You may be able to work with original creditor. 9. You may be off the hook - statute of limitations reduces legal remedies available to collect it. In most states, statute of limitations runs 4-6 years from date last made payment.

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Antica — Multipurpose Business Agency/Personal Portfolio PSD Template

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Simple and Smart PSD Template

Simple and smart is a clean and professional #PSD template #travel #agency multipurpose websites with 4 unique homepage layouts and 14 organized PSD pages download now➩

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