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(Martha) Beatrice Webb (née Potter 1858 –1943) was an English sociologist, economist, socialist and social reformer. She co-founded the London School of Economics and Political Science and played a crucial role in the forming of the Fabian Society. On childlessness she wrote: "In old age it is one of the minor satisfactions of life to watch the success of your children, literal children or symbolic. The London School of Economics is undoubtedly our most famous [...]


Right wingers hate the collective bargaining that unions bring to the workplace. Bargaining like safe work environments, overtime pay and equality. You know, all the awful things we as liberals support.


Everything you take for granted in your working life is because union brothers & sisters fought & died for it. 40 hours, weekend, health benefits, 8 hour day, worker protection, collective bargaining, child labor laws....


Certain NBA players will get huge paydays under the new CBA

Answering your questions about the new collective bargaining agreement

Colombia: When collective bargaining is a key ingredient of productivity


What have unions done for the working class? A lot! Collective bargaining power protects the working class from corporate exploitation.


The NBA and its players have ratified their collective bargaining agreement. Here's a list of what's changing.

NBA owners unanimously approve new collective bargaining agreement = The NBA owners have unanimously approved the league’s new collective bargaining agreement, per the Associated Press. It was one week ago that the league and the players association agreed to a tentative deal, with.....


Players, owners ratify new NBA collective bargaining agreement

The Sports Xchange The NBA's new collective bargaining agreement was ratified by the players and the owners, the league announced Friday.