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College Commuter

from Altogether Amber

Life of a College Commuter: Car Necessities

College commuter car necessities - If you're a college commuter, make sure you take this advice! Commuting to college, college commuter tips etc.

When you first think of the word “college”, what do you think? For me, Parties. “Everyone’s” favorite part. Stress. Before you go to college you hear everyone talking …

Over the last two years I’ve read a lot of blog posts about college. Going into college as a freshman was scary and I...

from Dani Dearest

Tips for Commuter Students in College

Tips for Commuter Students: Live at home and still make the most of your college…

Put a crate in your car to store your books, back pack, etc. You won't have to worry about things flying around the car while you're driving!


Meal Planning for Commuter Students | Orphan Survival Guide

from The Young Hopeful

How To Stay Connected On Campus as a Commuter

Commuter life can be hard, especially when it comes to staying connected to your college campus. Here are some tips on how to make sure you don't get lost in the crowd.

from Blissful Gal

College Backpack Essentials

College backpack essentials - What do you always have in your college backpack? If you commute to school make sure you don't leave without any of these items on the list or you'll be sorry!

from Altogether Amber

Life of a College Commuter: Car Necessities

Hey guys! My latest blog post is up, featuring a ton of great tips for college commuters click the link in my bio to check it out! #linkinbio #ontheblog #college #collegeblog #collegeblogger #collegelife #collegeadvice #collegetips #collegecommuter #commutingtocollege

from Samanthability

College Commuter Survival Guide

Commuting in college can be frustrating! Don't let it get you down, follow this survival guide!