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College Of Charleston Jobs

I Want Your Job: Marketing Director for BoomTown - College of Charleston News : College of Charleston News

College of Charleston head baseball coach Monte Lee tells me why he decided to stay at the College of Charleston, right now on "Quintin's Close-Ups". (CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO WATCH THE INTERVIEW)

Carter Clinebell is heading west to Malibu to attend Pepperdine as a George Pepperdine Scholar. As a National Merit Finalist, he was awarded academic scholarships from many schools, including, but not limited to, Clemson, Arizona State University, University of Houston, and University of Oklahoma. He was also named as a Presidential Scholar at College of Charleston and received the Charter Scholarship from UGA. Great job!

College of Charleston women's basketball head coach Natasha Adair talks to me about growing up in the nation's capital for my interview Web show, "Quintin's Close-Ups".

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