20 Questions For Your Roommate - College tips for living in the dorms and on campus

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When you first move in with your college roommate (either in an apartment or in the residence halls) you may want -- or have -- to set up a roommate agreement or roommate contract. While not usually legally binding, roommate agreements are a great way to make sure that you and your college roommate

Cute idea of using the Douchebag jar from #NewGirl for roommate and household rule enforcing! #money #roommate #college http://danidearest.wordpress.com/

10 crucial questions to ask your potential college roommate | Campus Life News for College Students | USA TODAY College

This is an awesome list that covers everything you need to know about freshman year! From roommates, to parties and academics, all this information will be help you thrive in your first of year of college! Dorm life: twitter.com Learn to live and let live with your roommate. You may be best buddies, and you may […]

Having roommates can be super fun, but it definitely helps to make sure to have a plan of action! Here are my top tips to being the best roommate ever, and to help there be fewer conflicts between you two! Read the rest at lifeasadare.com

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