FREE Elements of Art: Color Wheel Worksheet and Lesson!

Mrs. Pearce's Art Room : Eyeballs

A better explanation than I've ever gotten from a teacher or book. This could be the wiki for color theory: Why do some color schemes work, and others don’t?

The Color Wheel by Bridget Beth Collins

Color wheel art project: paper sunflowers Kinder art project

Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: Color Theory for Kids {free printable color book}

colorful - look closely - there are balloons in the tree :: tattoo inspirations

Color Wheel for Elementary Students I’ve found that most color wheels are either too complicated (lots of sections and subsections) or too simple (three overlapping balloons) for your average elementary student. My solution is to make my own, and also diagram primary, secondary, warm, cool and complementary colors. You can download a copy for free HERE (new link). Enjoy!

Best Color Wheel Project | 88921 | Home Design Ideas

DIY Kids Craft - Paint With A Styrofoam Cup. LOVE teaches kids what color, two combined colors can make.

The ABCs of Art- Learn about more complex color theory in design and art.

Creative Color Wheel Project Ideas • Easy projects & tutorials!

Acrylic Paint Color Wheel. High School Art. Painting.

color tornado op art

Hands, Head 'n Heart in the Artroom: Color wheel

Art. Paper. Scissors. Glue!: Creative Color Wheel

creative color wheel

This is beautiful and would be great for a small group project. I am excited to try this one! Also--GREAT our art lessons as well.

Tints, Tones, Shades! Poster in my room.

This is a really cool collaborative activity! Would make a Daisy flower instead of a color wheel. This could be good transition/free time thing to do over the course of the year?

Button Colour Wheel Maybe could be done out of old buttons.

wow that's pretty

Umbrella project

"Colorpillars" made from 3 primary colors of model magic

Color Wheel Umbrellas - for a raindrop effect, add lots of glue dots and then hang dry to make long, clear drips