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    Color Wheel Projects

    Art I: Color Wheel Project. 12 section mandala was created and each section was colored in tints and shades of the color wheel. It seems the same value was used in each section. I Specific criteria is not given. For middle school I would use 6 sections.

    This is a really cool collaborative activity! Would make a Daisy flower instead of a color wheel. This could be good transition/free time thing to do over the course of the year?

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    Color Wheel Umbrellas - for a raindrop effect, add lots of glue dots and then hang dry to make long, clear drips

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    Color Wheel for Elementary Students I’ve found that most color wheels are either too complicated (lots of sections and subsections) or too simple (three overlapping balloons) for your average elementary student. My solution is to make my own, and also diagram primary, secondary, warm, cool and complementary colors. You can download a copy for free HERE (new link). Enjoy!

    Nothing teaches you as much about color mixing as creating your own color wheel!

    color wheel umbrellas art project

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    Everyday Art: Science project: Food-dye Color Wheel-I would just do the 3 primary colors to see the mixed secondary colors with my Pre-k.

    by kraai65 though it is a zentangle, I think it would be great as a whole cloth quilt, maybe painted first...

    DIY Color Wheel Clock • learn time and the colors - at the same time!

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    awesome color wheel project.....add the color wheel to something and paint the rest black and white (also practicing values)

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    Color Wheel Project

    Colo(u)r Wheel--Wonderful claymation project that focuses on the color wheel.

    More great projects from another pinned: One-point perspective

    Wilkinson's Wonderful World of Art: Triangular Design Color Wheels Could be a review of color theory for 4th grade, or a started project for color mixing

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