Mrs. Pearce's Art Room : Eyeballs

FREE Elements of Art: Color Wheel Worksheet and Lesson!

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The Color Wheel by Bridget Beth Collins

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colorful - look closely - there are balloons in the tree :: tattoo inspirations

Nice collaborative color wheel project. Students can work on this when they finish a project before other classmates.

color tornado op art


And a little extra: If you add primary colors perfectly they create grey Complimentary colors create brown It is possible to make black by adding a bit of the colors until you are at the correct color

Color wheel art project: paper sunflowers Kinder art project

Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: Color Theory for Kids {free printable color book}

Color It Like you MEAN it!: Painted paper flowers, 2nd grade

Creative Color Wheel Project Ideas • Easy projects & tutorials!

A better explanation than I've ever gotten from a teacher or book. This could be the wiki for color theory: Why do some color schemes work, and others don’t?

Using paint color to see the what colors come from blending - with a glass like effect.

Acrylic Paint Color Wheel. High School Art. Painting.

This looks really cool. o:

Color Wheel Umbrellas - for a raindrop effect, add lots of glue dots and then hang dry to make long, clear drips

Mrs. Pearce's Art Room : Eyeballs

wow that's pretty

Splatters and Smudges: Color Wheel Mandalas (2008)

Color wheel, illusions, perspective, ...

This has got to be THE COOLEST art project I've ever seen. I loved these toys as a kid. If I ever teach color mixing, I'm totally doing this (even if its college kids, lol).

Color wheel project. Acrylic paint. Eye painting. Started off with primary colors and mixed into secondary, then tertiary. Used Hue, Tint, Shade and Tone to mix and create the "eyelid" and "lashes"