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Rainbow Pasta

Boil 4 different pots of water & add a different food coloring to each boiling water. Put noodles in each, drain, rinse...WALAAA. Your child has beautiful noodles they can not resist :)


I know its not PC but doesn't it look like fun!! Maybe try reusing the pasta rather than just binning it after one activity. Step-by-step instructions for how to "Dye Your Own Pasta" plus color sorting activities and ideas.


Preschool Mother's Day gift... Noodle Necklace. we also let kids draw a flower on white card stock, we cut out, hole punch, and put in center of necklace for a personal touch.


1 c. pasta, 2 tbsp. rubbing alcohol, 2-3 drops food coloring. Mix in zip bag, drain off liquid, place on foil-lined baking sheets to dry overnight. Colored pasta for craft projects!