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Premier Orpheus Colour Changing LED Mirror - 600mm Diameter - LQ037

The best way to add colour to your bathroom is with this colour changing mirror!

from The Creators Project

Color-Changing Mirrors Replicate The Sky Above You In Real Time

Color-Changing Mirrors Replicate The Sky Above You In Real Time | The Creators Project

from Berry

My dream house: Assembly required (37 photos)

Use of color vs white mirrors


Chameleons don't change colour, they use smart mirrors | New Scientist

This New Spa Design Is Like An Otherworldly Experience. Hidden lighting behind mirrors can change colour, depending on the mood that’s needed.


Raw Edges designed an optical carpet collection for the rug company Golran. An iridescent collection, capable of moving from the vivid colours of daytime to the less bright shades of the evening, just like the mirror of water of a lake changes its reflection.

from Shopy Max

Butterfly Mirrors Multi Colour (Set of 3)

Butterfly Mirrors Multi Colour (Set of Large: 36 cm x 26 cm


Color-Changing Shopping Mirrors : Uniqlo Magic Mirror

Uniqulo Magic Mirror- developed by Samsung, allows customers to change the colour of the item they're trying on.

Bloom House by Greg Lynn (Sofa Idea, Change color to black and white)


"The relationship between [the colours] is the point, not really the colour itself," Hinant told Dezeen. "The glossy black is not easily visible when you come into the space. Its reflection works like a mirror and changes all the time. The matte blue, a pure colour, defines a virtual volume linking the three levels." French architect Alain Hinant has converted a former laundry building outside Brussels into a three-storey family house.